ALTERYX: Discover, Prep, Blend & Analyze Data without writing a line of code

Alteryx provides the self-service data analytics mechanism for analysts to prepare and blend data from all of their relevant data sources. Using an easy to use drag-and-drop workflow interface, users can leverage built-in tools to quickly cleanse, prep, and blend data without having to write code. Enrich your data with packaged third party demographic, firmographic and spatial data. Leverage the repeatable workflow to automate and output results to reports, Excel, and leading visualization tools.

We take a different approach to analytics. Our platform is purpose-built to create new data partnerships among IT, analytic teams, and the lines of business. With Alteryx, whether you are an analyst or data scientist, you can solve even the most complex analytic business problems, with less time and effort, to drive business-changing outcomes across your organization.

Alteryx Designer empowers users to understand the health of their data at every step of the analytics process through Visualytics. In addition, that same drag-and-drop environment provides a code-free environment with powerful tools for statistical, predictive, prescriptive and spatial analysis, while also enabling code-friendly analysis from R and Python. Business analysts and data scientists alike can discover, transform, model and analyze data using a single governed, collaborative and scalable analytic solution.

Alteryx Server provides the foundation for organizations with enterprise scalability, automation and governance that is required across the analytics pipeline. It enables collaboration across teams and lines of business through the sharing and publishing of workflows, macros and reports. It provides the automation and scheduling of analytics process and reports to improve efficiencies, all in a governed environment that provides role-based access and version control.

REPEATABLE WORKFLOW: Automate time-consuming, manual data tasks, and adjust analytic queries easily

CODE FREE, CODE FRIENDLY : Drag & drop tools in an intuitive user interface to prep, blend and analyze data

VOLUME + VARIETY OF DATA: Process data from spreadsheets, data warehouses, cloud applications and more

ADVANCED ANALYTICS: Perform predictive, statistical, and spatial analytics in the same workflow

INSIGHTS INTO ACTION: See your data at every step + communicate your answers effectively

RISK FREE: Try our complimentary PoC and Unlock the value of your Data