All our clients who have worked with us will tell you that our consulting team is highly committed to getting the job done right the first time regardless of the obstacles. Their passion and dedication garners extraordinary client loyalty and repeat business. We believe that the best solutions come from collaborative relationships with our clients. As your global consultant, we will work closely with you to understand your unique business transformation goals, design best-in-class solutions and devise the most efficient plan for implementing your strategy across the organization. And because we work in an open and transparent way, you are always in control of your business, timelines and costs.


We respect every individual, their views and their diversity. We work collaboratively to ensure that intellectual assets are captured and shared by our employees.


e are committed to providing our clients with the highest performance and quality solutions. We will strive to provide customer service to the highest standards.


Our focus is client success and satisfaction. We are a team with execution excellence and we create value for our clients by developing innovative solutions.


Quick turn-around time has always been our key differentiator. We strive to achieve the impossible for our clients by delivering high value solutions with speed and quality.


Strive to become a premier data solutions and technology services provider with emphasis on quality, professionalism, reliability and technological innnovation.


Our goal is to continuously deliver high-quality solutions that meet or exceed expectations and to grow our customers, people, company and community together.

We don’t churn out code and increase the project count – we solve problems and garner valuable pieces of knowledge along the way. We offer the advantage of getting started with a project immediately and, should the necessity arise, easily scaling the project scope or the assigned teams, as well as selecting the most suitable organizational models. Drawing from our own experience and staying tuned for platform-specific developments, we maintain a unified, collaboratively managed knowledge base, promoting technological open-mindedness and superior productivity. Every piece of software that we build is a response to a tangible, real-world pain. We take the time to listen to the users’ concerns and learn the specifics of the customer’s business, thus coupling technological knowledge with domain awareness. By leveraging a repository of reusable components, patterns and approaches, we can afford to bypass painful spells of trial and error and look for architectural elegance, achieving more with less.

Being reliably “on time and on budget” has always been a hallmark of our engagements. For us, budget numbers and timelines aren’t moving targets; they are a rock-solid foundation for business planning and decision making. We help you set the right goals from the outset and then pre-plan, ramp up and adapt as necessary to meet your time-to-market deadlines and budgetary requirements. We have the processes and expertise to solve your business’s most complex problems, help you reduce risk and gain competitive advantage. We consistently leverage and collaborative teams of experts—including researchers, engineers, consultants and business partners—to create innovative solutions that give your business an edge.

  • The solution Infonex implemented makes us more effective and efficient. I get my research reports in half the time with half the staff !

    - Director, Health Research Company

  • Infonex team has tremendous understanding of healthcare data and without Infonex on our side, we would not have met our critical deadlines and budget goals.

    - Program Manager, Healthcare Company

  • Infonex's level of expertise and service is outstanding. Your team has provided tremendous support in helping us reach critical deadlines over the last several years.

    - Sr. Vice President, Investment Bank