From Relational Database to Big Data

Data volumes in the digital world are growing exponentially and to remain competitive and relevant, enterprises today need to harness this big data to gain meaningful business insights.This trend is not just limited to non-traditional data, but also traditional data sources (CRM, ERP, Transactional systems) that are generating far too much data today, than they were a few years ago. Big data migration typically involves multiple source systems and large volumes of data. However, most organizations lack the opensource tools to handle this important task.The right tool should be set up quickly and offer multiple customization options. Migration generally happens in entity batches. A set of entities is selected, migrated and tested. This cycle goes on until all application data is migrated.

A successful approach to big data migration testing requires end-to-end automation and swift verification of huge volumes of data to produce quick and lasting results. Large enterprises face numerous challenges connecting multiple CRM applications and their data warehouse systems to connect with end
users across the multitude of products they offer.

But migrating to a big data platform has its own challenges, such as :

• Huge volumes of data that exist in traditional warehouses need to be migrated.
•Tansformation logic embedded in the form of SQL procedures and scripts need to be ported to big data compatible scripting languages (Pig, Map Reduce, Spark, etc.)
• Validation of the migrated data and code is necessary to ensure that the output generated from the big data platform are same as those from the traditional platform

lnfonex Big Data Migration Framework can accelerate your data migration from a traditional warehouse to a big data warehouse by automating manual tasks.
The Framework consists of three components:
• Analysis workbench- Analyzes the existing data warehouse schema, and generates useful metadata from it
• Migration workbench- Automates migration of database objects such as tables, procedures, and data
• Validation workbench- Automates data validation for the migrated data

Migrate huge volumes of data that exist in traditional warehouses to Big Data

Unlock the power of data science to create reports using tools of their choice.

Automate data testing and data validation for the migrated data.

Accelerate your data migration using Infonex Big Data Migration Framework.