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Infonex provides biostatistics and statistical programming services in support of clinical trials for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and healthcare research organizations. We furnish support at any step or every step, from developing a strategy for your study’s design to generating final analyses. Our  clients commend  the quality and timeliness of our work, as well as our ability to communicate with them.

We provide biostatistical services to advance the development of new drugs, biologics and devices, including strategic statistical consulting. We are focused on the design and analysis of clinical trials, but also have experience with epidemiology studies and patient registries.

Our Services include

Biostatistical strategy and execution, such as agency meetings, program development, DSMB/DMC, and endpoint activities

Oversight of CRO analysis and programming activities

Study data analysis, data interpretation and reporting

SAS programming, including production of tables, listings, figures utilizing CDISC format

Input/writing of biostatistical sections of protocols and clinical study reports

SOP/Work Instructions development for biostatistics and SAS Programming


Need advice on Statistical Analysis, Biostatistics, Clinical Trial Design, Data Management?

An insightful plan is the pathway to success. We bring over 21 years of experience to help solve the unique and complex challenges and requirements clients face throughout the clinical development process. Clients have trusted us throughout the years to help align study design and analyses with their business objectives and regulatory strategy by delivering a vital biostatistics strategy that helps mitigate risks during product development.

Our advisory services help you conduct trials that are informative, compliant and cost- effective. Members of our statistician team are accredited Professional Statisticians through American Statistical Association (ASA) averaging over 14 years of progressive experience. Having such a breadth of experience among our statistical team enables us to provide our clients with services that make a real impact.

Our statisticians will provide guidance on your study design that will help answer your research questions with high confidence while meeting regulatory requirements and subject to business constraints.

With skilled Statisticians and Programmers uniquely matched and scaled to client needs, we produce exceptional clinical data deliverables to optimize the speed and success of clinical research from design to submission and beyond.

At Infoneex, we understand that biostatistics isn’t just a subset of statistics, but its own field. Because of the significant impact and broad implications for medical research and public health, we ensure that you use the appropriate statistical tests and predictive techniques when we analyze your clinical research, disease or disorder incidence, and meta-analytic data. We combine this expertise with our intimate understanding of the methodological norms of the medical, clinical research, epidemiological, and public health research literatures.

You won’t have to translate your clinical research, meta-analysis, or epidemiological research into lay terms for us, we’re able to meet you at your level of knowledge and address your analysis needs faster. Key members of our statistical consulting team have background and training not only in quantitative methods, but also in the life sciences, public health, and epidemiology. And unlike other statistical consulting firms, we hire advanced degree methodologists from across the science, engineering, and social science fields to ensure our quantitative work on your behalf is as much a collaboration as you prefer.