Managed Services

Use managed services to drive transformation at the speed of business Extensive IT support service from our dedicated team of Microsoft Cloud specialists available around the clock

Accelerated transformation is key to sustained advantage - but it's not a fixed destination. By the time you get there, "there" has already moved on.

Managed services can help continually evolve your business functions to keep up with ever-changing targets while hitting key stops along the way.

At Infonex, our managed services solutions go far beyond the classic models of labor arbitrage and transactional services. We work with you to:

Infonex Managed Services combines advanced technology, deep functional and sector expertise, and operational excellence for knowledge-intensive processes across your enterprise. We offer it on a subscription, as-a-service basis—with predictable costs, any-shore delivery, and the option to flex up or down to meet fast-changing needs.

As your transformation partner, we guide you in the ongoing journey, often into uncharted territory.

Whether it’s implementing a strategy, delivering a project or simply procuring top quality technology, we’ll always ensure that everything we do is completely aligned with your wider business goals, so that IT services can be a contributing factor to your growth and future success.

Managed services take away the responsibility of your proactive management of your IT infrastructure, professional services address specific needs. Both services are comple mentary and make up Infonex’s comprehensive range of IT Solutions.

Data Analytics

Our managed services are designed to help you focus on your core business while we take care of your IT needs. We provide ongoing and remote services that run the gamut from security, network administration, managed support, managed cloud, and managed cyber security services to data backup, business process streamlining, and anything else that requires a day-to-day administrator to keep your company connected. Complementing our managed services are consultative services that address specific business needs, including our IT consultancy, application development and data & analytics services.

Whilst both services are designed to solve their own specific challenges, managed and professional services are complementary and work together to provide significant business value, especially when combined.

Data Analytics

Unique Industry-Specialized Domestic Model

When consultants know your industry inside and out, they excel in achieving faster and superior results. At Infonex, we’ve developed an outcomes-oriented approach by assembling industry-dedicated teams comprised entirely of domestic resources.

Infonex leaders average 20+ years of experience and have numerous Salesforce Expert badges (which require extensive project success). Our network of onshore delivery centers, complemented by certified consultants residing in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States, fosters heightened collaboration, swifter project delivery, and better solutions.